Vaginal rejuvenation, also known as vaginoplasty is an elective surgical procedure involving the rejuvenation of the vaginal wall. The treatment may be carried out to combat symptoms that are noticed after child birth or as a natural result of aging.

Vaginal rejuvenation is associated with many benefits such as; enhancing the vaginal muscle tone and control, the feeling of a better-quality sexual indulgence through the increase of friction during intercourse and the young looking experiences in the vaginal area.

It’s important that this procedure is carried out by a properly trained clinician as vaginal rejuvenation is sometimes associated with adverse effects to the patient. You can be sure that at Academy Laser Clinics, we adhere to the very highest of medical and hygiene standards to minimize the risk of any complications.

The Academy Laser clinics use treatments to stimulate to the production of collagen. Collagen contains proteins responsible for the strengthening any tissue in the body including the vagina, resulting in a healthier, more youthful looking vagina.

There are a number of options for men looking for a penis extension. Traditional surgical methods carry a high level of risk and involve significant downtime for patients. Following requests from patients to develop an alternative with a lower risk of complications, Dr Jayson Oates has developed the CALIBRE method of penile augmentation.

CALIBRE is a relatively painless medical treatment involving installation of dermal fillers beneath the penis skin. The more product used, the more prominent the increase of the size of a penis. The treatment will lead to increased girth in both flaccid and erect states of the penis, and if large volumes of filler are used patients may also notice an increased length in the penis when it’s flaccid due to the weight of the filler.

It is suitable for most men who have attained the age of majority and wish to increase their penis size and is suitable for both circumcised or uncircumcised men.


The procedure for doing this treatment is always efficient and straightforward with immediate results that are long-lasting. It can be done for a short period in the clinic. TGA-approved enhancing fillers are used through an exceptional inoculation performance just underneath the surface of the skin. The filler is incorporated into the penile fleshy tissue subsequently after fourteen days. The product, therefore, acts as a volumizer in the penis and increases both the length and the girth.

The product can be massaged before it is fully absorbed to remove any bumps present to ensure smooth surface then left for a few weeks for the dermal fillers to become constant. The treatment does not involve any negative changes regarding the  strength of erection or sensitivity.

Cryolipolysis is a type of medication where the fat cells in the body are destroyed through the freezing process. The aim of conducting this is to reduce fatty deposits present in the body to reshape the contours of the body. It is done by cooling the cells which are then naturally excreted by the body.

A treatment process of Zletig coolsculpting is used in achieving this at Academy Face and Body. It is a non-evasive management procedure that can be used to target specific areas of fat deposits in the body that cannot be straightforwardly removed by use of the natural nutrition or cardiovascular exercises.

This treatment is regarded as the most effective providing unique results to the majority of the individuals using it, as the treatment can be targeted to very specific areas. Due to its non-evasive nature it not associated with pain, therefore, no painkillers will be needed by the patient.

This treatment process is efficient and areas of the body that may be treated include the upper abdomen, thigh, and armor at the double chin. The procedure was developed by scientists and ensures that the targeted cells carefully and smoothly get removed from body areas without damage to the surrounding tissue.

Dr Jayson Oates oversees all three clinics, in his role as Medical Director and is actively involved in the training and professional development of other doctors and nurses at the clinics. You can be sure of cutting edge treatments, in state of the art facilities with exceptional patient care.