Is it the dead of winter and you’re stuck inside with a severe case of cabin fever? The winter months, with shortened day light hours, can trigger mild depression in many people. Everyone needs something to look forward to. Knowing that Spring is just around the corner often is insufficient inspiration to get off the couch and get moving. One cure for the winter blues is to plan an outdoor party. Provided the temperature is above freezing and there’s no precipitation, there’s no reason you can’t plan an outdoor party in the winter. Your friends and family will probably welcome the idea. Follow these suggestions from the event planning specialists to jump start the planning for your winter outdoor party. It could well be such a success that it becomes an annual tradition.

Select an area in your back yard to build a fire pit. Using four to five inch bricks, create a three to four foot ring on the ground. Place a round grill grate in the center. Build a large fire on the grill grate and you’ve just created a back yard fire pit that can be safe and fun for hours of winter enjoyment.

Assemble a collection of thermoses and welcome your guests with a warm drink to enjoy for the evening. Have a tray of all the ingredients for s’more for guests to help themselves and create their own masterpieces over the fire pit. Make plans to stay warm by taking advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of warm Uggs that will last for years.

Finally, hand a large sheet from the deck or on the side of the house and, using a projector or laptop app, project silent black and white movies for all the guests to enjoy.

Chances are your party will be such a hit it won’t be long before ou receive an invitation to attend a winter party in the very near future. Best of luck to you making fun memories that will last well past the first buds of spring! reviews