What Is Micropore Tape?

There are a variety of wound care and dressing products available in the market and micropore tape is definitely one of those. It is used in dressing of wounds and also in securing medical tubing. In fact, doctors recommend this product to reduce post-surgical scar formation and keep the skin free form visible blemishes. In addition, these tapes are created in a manner to allow the skin to breathe while saving the area from stretching. This is how thick scars are not allowed to develop as the wound is not being pulled by stretching that easily.

Here are some of ways in which a micropore tape helps –

  • The tape is created to use in wound care where sensitive or delicate skin is compromised
  • This type of product is fit for with thin skin, especially elderly patients
  • It’s simple to use and apply, is available in most pharmacies and comes in various widths
  • These products have pores which make them breathable as this way the healing process happens quickly
  • Non-breathable tapes take longer in healing and even with them, chances of healing come down to a drastic level
  • The tape is very gentle on the skin and you can use it to dress wounds in need of frequent treatment and dressing
  • This tape is not harsh on the skin so does not irritate the skin when applied
  • You can apply and re-apply this product without any risks or damage to the skin area
  • It keeps the skin around a wounded area protected and healthy to enable quick healing
  • No risk of infection of complications is there with this product as the skin around a wound does not break or irritate
  • This tape is a must-have item for those with extremely sensitive skin
  • It’s perfect for even those minor wounds and wounds not needing regular dressing changes
  • The tape is available in various thicknesses which helps a lot in treating various sizes of wounds
  • You can use a tape with small width to dress a simple scrape or cut or incision
  • You can choose a thicker tape to hold the dressings in place with a large skin area
  • Application of the tape is very straightforward and you just have to clean the area properly before using
  • Before applying the tape on a fresh scar, it’s necessary to follow the instructions of the doctor
  • The sticky side of the tape is not meant to be touched else it might not hold on to the skin in a desired manner
  • You can put the tape across the scar and cover the area completely to allow healing to take place
  • You have to apply gentle pressure on the tape so that the adhesive in the tape can stick well to skin
  • It’s important to leave the tape in place for at least 24 hours before removing it and then applying a different one
  • They can be removed easily without damaging the skin in any way or harming in any way
  • This tape is mostly made from non-stretched paper pulp and adhesive