Heavy metals in the environment are dangerous for health. Chelation would be effective in eliminating them and improving our health.

At a conference organized by the American College of Cardiology in San Francisco, researchers presented the results of a study in which heavy metal chelation significantly improved the health of people who had already had a cardiovascular event.

Chelation is the use of a drug that catches heavy metals, such as mercury or lead, trapped in the body. In fact, these toxic metals are massively present in the environment and have contaminated the entire food chain: we store them in our fatty tissues every time we eat a polluted food.

The team of Dr. Gervasio Lamas followed more than 1700 people who had suffered a cardiovascular problem. They were then distributed homogeneously and randomly in 4 groups according to a 2×2 factorial design protocol:

  • One group received injections of chelating product and received a multivitamin food supplement with high dosage
  • One group received chelate injections and placebo instead of vitamins
  • One group received a placebo injection and a multivitamin food supplement with a high dosage
  • One group received placebo injections and a placebo food supplement simultaneously
  • The patients were then followed over a period of 2 years and a half on average.

The purpose of this protocol was to accurately determine the impact of chelation, vitamins or both products on health status. Indeed, previous studies have already been done to evaluate the impact of chelation alone and they have not shown any benefit.

Results: While chelation or vitamins alone had no significant effect, the combined use of both products reduced the incidence of a new cardiovascular event by 26% compared to the placebos group. These new results could be explained because the chelating product catches heavy metals but also essential minerals such as calcium, without distinction.

Dr. Lamas said at the conference: ” We transformed what was a questionable alternative therapy into real science and had amazing results .” Then he adds, ” But I do not think that the results of a single study are enough to be used in practice .” Dr. Ohman from Duke University calls out to him: “We have a study with 2×2 design with very powerful methodology and the results indicate a significant reduction in the chelation-vitamin group and yet your conclusion is “maybe not”? So why? If we have a serious and interesting result, why be on the reserve? For my part I will not necessarily recommend chelation to my patients but if they tell me they want to try I will not discourage them . “

In this study the chelating product was disodium EDTA Suppositories and the multivitamin complex was a mixture of vitamins and minerals providing 100 to 6000% of the RDAs depending on the nutrients. All patients were followed scrupulously by a doctor because chelation can have serious side effects and is dangerous for the kidneys (which remove heavy metals). Deaths following chelations without medical control have already been reported in the United States, especially on children.