The neck lift is a common cosmetic surgery, sought by both men and women.  Traditionally, neck lifts were invasive procedures but that has changed thanks to advances technology and knowledge. Academy Laser Clinic offers the Silhouette Soft Thread Lift to those seeking a non-surgical procedure that will deliver natural-looking results. You know you are in good hands at ALC, a clinic that boasts an experienced team of cosmetic surgeons led by Dr. Jayson Oates. The medical director has close to two decades of experience as a neck, head and face surgeon. An easily recognizable face in medical circles, Dr. Oates is also often seen and heard in the media, giving expert commentary on cosmetic medical issues.

A neck lift at Academy Laser Clinics is a simple procedure takes less than an hour under local anesthesia. It involves the injection of dissolvable threads with a soft cone full of a special bio-stimulating dermal filler. This process of elevating and compressing tissues in the neck creates a natural scaffold for the lifted skin. You will experience immediate firmness and see some lift but it will take a few weeks for the dreaded turkey neck to disappear. Silhouette soft thread lift may be combined with other non-invasive techniques to prolong results for up to 3 months. In addition to the neck, you can also go for a full facelift at Academy Laser Clinics.

Our team will take their time in understanding your wishes and go on to perform the neck lift for the image uplift you so much need. They may be some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Australia but they also have great interpersonal skills that help them connect with patients. If you have been experiencing emotional pain and distress owing to your body image yet were so afraid of the options available, now is time for respite. A turkey neck isn’t a reason to stop enjoying life as with an expert injection at Academy Laser Clinic you can get dramatic results that won’t leave you with visible scars to remind you of your past.

Some patients seeking cosmetic procedures have more intimate issues to deal with. ALC has a sister clinic called CALIBRE where men can enjoy privacy while getting solutions for erectile dysfunction. This is the best place to go for penis enlargements and to treat erectile dysfunction, using safe techniques with proven results.  Also led by Dr. Oates, CALIBRE is lauded for non-invasive, procedures to give men relief from these rather prevalent problems.

Statistics show that more than half the population of men are concerned about the appearance and size of their penises. Further, studies show that men above 40 usually have erectile problems. This might seem unreal but it is only because men feel too embarrassed to discuss these issues or even seek help. This shouldn’t be you because CALIBRE Clinic has a friendly team who will show you great compassion as they seek a solution for your needs. As an alternative erectile dysfunction medication, they use PRP injections to naturally stimulate healing processes and the production of collagen and elastin within the skin and tissue of the penis to restore healthy erectile function.

CALIBRE, from where the clinic gets its name, is a special procedure developed by Dr. Jayson Oates to increase penile girth. He personally trains the team to perform these injections safely and ensure that the patient experiences minimum pain. It involves the injection of safe cosmetic fillers in a process that takes only minutes. You will not need to rest for a week or months after this non-invasive procedure. At the CALIBRE Clinic, you can come in during lunch break, have the injection performed by one of our trained cosmetic surgeons and get back to the office in time for the afternoon meeting. A thicker, enlarged penis means a more fulfilled life for any man who was once embarrassed by his image.

Academy Face & Body is another clinic located in Perth where you can go for world-class procedures. The clinic carries great pride in offering non-invasive solutions to aesthetic and medical treatments.

Hair loss is a particularly disturbing issue for men and women all over the globe. Not only is it a dent in one’s image but balding also causes emotional distress as many deem it to be a sign of aging. In some professions, a healthy head of hair gives off a good impression, which is why many people flock to Academy Face& Body. This award-winning clinic offers options for hair loss treatment which are not invasive like surgery, nor do they have the nasty side effects of hormones. Surgery for hair loss is very painful and results are not guaranteed. With hormones, an imbalance could easily occur, leading to other medical or cosmetic problems.

Led by the renowned Dr. Oates, the cosmetic surgeons have learned how to inject platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections produce long-term results hailed by athletes and performers alike. After the procedure your follicles will become healthier, leading to thicker, longer hair. At Academy Face & Body Clinic, the surgeons have mastered the intricate art of extracting and injecting PRP. They all have passed through rigorous training in school but to make sure they are the best, Dr. Oates continues to provide training on this special therapy for hair loss.

At our clinic, the friendly team treats all patients with total respect as they patiently listen to each story. During the consultation, you will meet the surgeon who will help you get your hair back. They will explain the procedure and expected results. Upon your consent, our experts will perform the procedure and encourage you to come in for a follow-up. Results of platelet-rich plasma therapy are different from patient to patient. Depending on the extent and type of hair loss you might need a number of injections until the empty patches are full of hair.